Refunds and Cancellations

How can I get in touch with OLSP for queries regarding the cancellation and refund policy?

For any doubts, clarifications, or issues about our cancellation and refund policy, you can email our support team at (

Are there any non-refundable scenarios I should be aware of?

Some products or services might be non-refundable, and this will be highlighted at the time of purchase. Additionally, if the service/product has been accessed, used, or benefitted from significantly, it might not be eligible for a refund. Also, if the cancellation request is beyond the specified time frame, refunds might not be granted.

How will I receive my refund?

Refunds will be credited back to the original payment method you used during the purchase. If for any reason that isn't feasible, we'll get in touch with you to make alternative arrangements.

Will there be any deductions from my refund amount?

Yes, the refunded amount might have deductions based on any portion of the service/product that you've used, any transaction fees, or other relevant charges.

How soon will I get my refund after cancellation?

Once your cancellation is approved, the refund process starts. While refunds are usually processed within a specific number of business days, the exact timing might differ based on your payment method.

How do I initiate a cancellation?

To begin the cancellation process, you can either contact our support team, provide the necessary details, or visit the account section on our platform.

What is the cancellation period for OLSP purchases?

OLSP provides a 30-day guarantee for cancellations from the time of purchase unless specified differently.