Frequently Asked Questions

Reactivating an Inactive Account

Users who wish to reactivate their account after a period of inactivity can do so by simply logging into the platform. However, any sales opportunities redistributed during their period of inactivity will not be returned to them. Users are encouraged to maintain regular activity on their account to avoid the redistribution of their sales opportunities.

Redistribution of Sales

Once an account is classified as inactive, any pending sales or opportunities linked to that account will be redistributed to active users. This process is designed to ensure that sales leads are efficiently managed and that active users have access to a continuous flow of opportunities.

Inactivity Policy

An account is considered inactive if the user has not logged into our platform for 3 months or more. Inactivity is measured from the user's last login date to the current date.

How can I change my name on Facebook?

Updating your name on Facebook is a simple process that allows you to keep your profile information accurate. Whether you've undergone a legal name change or just want to use a preferred nickname, following these steps will ensure your Facebook profile accurately reflects your identity. For a visual walkthrough of the steps on how you can change your name, you can refer to this tutorial link:

Can a lead's mentor be changed in the OLSP system?

Changing a lead's mentor might not be straightforward due to the cookie-based tracking system. It generally depends on the system's rules about cookie expiration and lead re-assignment.

I have someone signed up under me but has a different mentor when checked

The lead will remain associated with the mentor from the first link they clicked, as the cookie from that initial click dictates the mentor-lead relationship in the OLSP system.

Where can I seek help if I have questions?

For any questions, you can join the designated Facebook group where you can receive assistance from the community and the trainers. You may also contact our Support Team at at (

What should I do if I have a monthly subscription?

To maintain access to all the tools and trainings, ensure that your monthly subscription remains active.

Why is attending live trainings recommended?

Live trainings, huddles, and Q&A sessions provide additional support, allow you to stay updated with the system, and offer an opportunity to engage directly with trainers and fellow users.

Why is it important to not skip any parts of the training?

Skipping parts of the training can result in missing crucial information that contributes to understanding the full potential of the system, which can impact the effectiveness of earning commissions.

What is CD Pro and how is it related to the Megalink?

CD Pro is an additional product offered within the Megalink that can help you make daily commissions. It is part of the suite of tools and training provided.

What should I do if I am unfamiliar with Facebook or TikTok?

If you are not familiar with these platforms, it is recommended to watch the instructional videos linked within the Megalink training, which will guide you on how to use these sites effectively.

How can I access advanced training and tools?

Once you are more familiar with the system and have completed the initial training, you can access advanced trainings like the Megabuilders, vertical video training, Megamessenger software, and the Facebook advanced method, which are all available within the platform.

What is the importance of the Megabuilders training?

Megabuilders is described as the most in-depth training available on the platform. It is consistently updated and teaches you how to utilize all the softwares and tools included in your membership.

What is the purpose of the videos my referrals will watch?

The videos are sales tools that explain the products. There are high-ticket and mid-ticket items, which can potentially yield commissions when sold through your referrals.

Where do I find the Megalink and what does it do?

The Megalink can be accessed from the top right of your dashboard. The Megalink training will explain its functions, which include the basics of using Facebook for organic traffic, starting with the traffic challenge, and accessing the OLSP user guide.

What should I do first if I am new to the website?

If you're new, you should begin by following the orientation which involves going through specific trainings on the website, starting with accessing your dashboard and proceeding with the Megalink training.

What resources are available in Team Builders for training and software access?

Members get access to various training materials and software tools on the site, tailored to help them succeed in the program at every level.

What is the key to earning commissions in Team Builders?

The key is helponomics—helping others succeed. By doing so, you can earn ongoing commissions without the need to continuously work for them, especially as your recruits become more independent.

What happens when someone I recruited upgrades to Team Builders membership?

If someone upgrades to a Team Builders membership at $2,000, you could earn around $1,000. If your referral recruits someone who also upgrades, you earn an additional commission (e.g., $100 at a 5% rate)

Can you explain the commission rates with an example?

Using the example given: If "Bob" buys a product for $7, you make a $7 commission. If "Bob" then helps "Steve" buy the same product, you make a $14 second-tier commission.

Are all products eligible for two-tier commissions?

Almost every product in the program offers second-tier commissions, incentivizing you to focus on helping your recruits succeed.

How does the second tier of commission work?

When your recruit helps another person make a sale, you also earn a commission on that sale, known as your second-tier commission.

How does the first tier of commission work?

When someone you recruit makes a sale, you earn a commission on that sale as your first-tier commission.

Are there any bonuses for joining the one-on-one coaching program?

There are special hidden bonuses exclusive to participants of the one-on-one coaching program, which are revealed to those who get accepted into the program.

What if I am not approved for one-on-one coaching?

Even without one-on-one coaching, the training provided by Team Builders is comprehensive enough to help you become a successful affiliate with all the necessary tools.

What is the selection process for one-on-one coaching with Team Builders?

Applicants must truthfully complete an application. Approval is not guaranteed as the process is selective, disapproving about 50 to 70 percent of applicants.

How do I apply for one-on-one coaching with Team Builders?

Interested individuals should fill out an application form through a provided link and if selected, they will schedule a Zoom call to discuss personalized solutions.

What kind of support does Team Builders offer?

Team Builders offers one-on-one coaching and allows students to leverage Wayne's team to do 90% of the work, which includes tackling hard work and coaching over hurdles.

How can I make commissions with Team Builders?

There are two ways to make commissions: by investing time to learn and take action, or by investing money into one-on-one coaching for faster results.

Can you make money on Facebook without paying for ads?

Yes, it is possible to make significant earnings on Facebook without paying for advertisements, as evidenced by the instructor's own experience of making millions of dollars on the platform.

How long does my mentor need to be inactive before I can request a change?

The specific duration of inactivity that warrants a change is not explicitly stated, but it should be long enough to impact the mentoring process.

Will I automatically be assigned a new mentor if my current one is inactive?

Not automatically. There needs to be a significant period of inactivity before considering the reassignment to a new mentor.

Are there any circumstances where I can change my mentor?

Yes, mentor changes are considered on a case-by-case basis, primarily if the current mentor is not actively engaging for a prolonged time.

What happens if my mentor is not active?

If a mentor is inactive for a while, then the possibility of moving members to another mentor can be explored.

When will I receive my commission?

To receive any or all of your current balance, you must submit a withdrawal request for payment. Withdrawal requests must be made by Friday 17:00 UK time to be included in our batch payments the following week.

Can members be transferred from one mentor to another?

Members are typically not transferred between mentors. Such a transfer is generally only considered if a mentor has been inactive for an extended period.

How often should I check CD Pro for opportunities to earn commissions?

Frequent checking is recommended as the number of available commenting opportunities varies with the demand for posts to go viral.

Can CD Pro make you a lot of money?

CD Pro is designed for users to earn small commissions by assisting the community. It is not intended to make users large amounts of money or millionaires.

When are earned commissions available for withdrawal?

Commissions move to your main balance on the same day after the team assign it at the end of the month.

How long does it take for commissions to be approved?

Commissions are manually reviewed and typically assigned at the end of the month. It is important to ensure that comments are of high quality for them to be approved.

What happens if a post or comment is spammy or scammy?

If a post or comment is identified as spammy, scammy, or promoting another program, it should be flagged. The CD Pro team will review flagged content and take appropriate action.

How can I earn commissions on CD Pro?

You can earn commissions by writing and submitting meaningful comments on other users' posts. These comments need to be genuine and relevant to the content to be eligible for commissions.

What type of social media posts should I promote on CD Pro?

You should choose value posts without direct calls to action to ensure genuine interaction and to build rapport with your audience, rather than just pushing for sales.

How do I apply credits to a post on CD Pro?

Once you have credits, you can submit your social media post URL on CD Pro and assign a number of credits to it. These credits will be converted into comments on your post, thus helping it go viral.

How do I purchase credits on CD Pro?

Credits can be purchased through CD Pro's interface, where you can select the desired amount and complete the transaction.

How can I make my post go viral on CD Pro?

To make a post go viral, you need to purchase credits and assign them to your social media post through CD Pro. A post with a high value and no call to action is recommended to garner authentic engagement and build trust within the community.

Why there's no post in CD Pro?

People from all around the globe post comments in there at all different time zones, you need to go in and out as often as you can to find more posts as some only ask for 10 or so and others a huge amount and go with the people that check regularly.

Is CD Pro a source of leads?

No, CD Pro is not intended as a lead source. Its primary purpose is to help posts on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram go viral by leveraging user comments.

What are the rules of CD Pro?

Users are expected to use CD Pro responsibly by not promoting other programs, spamming, or scamming. If such behavior is observed, users are encouraged to report it through the report feature for the team to take action.

How does CD Pro work?

CD Pro operates on a credit-based system where users can apply credits to their social media posts to receive comments and increase their post's visibility, potentially making it go viral. Users can also earn commissions by leaving meaningful comments on other users' posts.

[VIP] Is there something specific I should focus on before the onboarding call?

Yes, focus on fully understanding the mega link as it is an essential part of the training and where the journey with OSP starts.

[VIP] What should I do while waiting for my onboarding call?

While waiting for your onboarding, you should start looking through the materials provided in the training, especially the mega link. It's important to begin understanding it before the onboarding call, as this is where your journey with OSP begins.

[VIP] What happens after the onboarding call?

After the onboarding call, you'll likely attend masterminds and receive further training and coaching. The onboarding call is just the beginning of a comprehensive support and guidance process designed to help you succeed.

[VIP] How does the commitment I made to myself play a role in this process?

The commitment you make to yourself is a cornerstone of your journey. It's important to remind yourself of this commitment regularly, potentially by looking at the contract you made with yourself. This commitment will help you stay focused and driven, especially when faced with challenges.

[VIP] What if I have questions or need support before the onboarding call?

If you need assistance before the onboarding, you should reach out to the available support channels. However, it's advised to wait for the onboarding as it will provide comprehensive guidance and support.

[VIP] Who will conduct the onboarding call?

The onboarding call might be conducted by Wayne, a member of his team, the head of strategy, or another team member. The specific person is not as important as the content and the support you will receive.

[VIP] What does the onboarding process involve?

The onboarding process involves building a personalized DMO with you, providing full support, a step-by-step guide, and an ordered list of actions to follow to minimize overwhelm and accelerate your path to success.

[VIP] Why is creating my own DMO important?

Creating your own DMO is crucial because it has been found that when individuals take ownership and build their DMO themselves, their success rates are significantly higher compared to when they are just given a template to follow.

[VIP] What is a DMO?

DMO stands for Daily Method of Operation. It is a daily to-do list that will be built out with you during the onboarding process to help guide your activities and enhance your success by encouraging consistency.

[Mega Messenger] Precautions should be taken before starting the engage tool

It's recommended to view the post to ensure it's the correct one before starting the engage tool, minimizing errors in automated interactions.

[Mega Messenger] Benefits of direct messaging inside messenger

Direct messaging in messenger is beneficial as it opens up a conversation, which is more personal and engaging than public comments. It allows for a more targeted approach and can lead to better conversions.

[Mega Messenger] What is the function of the "engage" tab?

The "engage" tab allows users to automate interactions with posts where they ask people to comment. The tool can auto-respond to comments, especially for high-engagement posts, thus saving time and improving lead generation.

[Mega Messenger] What features are available inside each tag?

Inside every tag, users have access to an automation feature and campaigns. Through these, users can set up message templates and sequences to engage with the contacts associated with that tag.

[Mega Builders] How does the tool integrate with "Mega Builders"?

The tool integrates with "Mega Builders", another product mentioned in the video. Specific details about this integration will be covered in an additional video.

[Mega Messenger] How does Mega Messenger help with automation in terms of friend suggestions?

Mega Messenger can automate friend requests based on Facebook's friend suggestions. It can be set to choose people with a certain number of mutual friends, making the friend request appear more genuine.

[Mega Messenger] What should be kept in mind while sending friend requests on Facebook to avoid blocks?

It's advisable to slowly build up the number of friend requests sent daily. Starting with a high number like 150 can get you blocked by Facebook. It's also good to send requests to those with mutual friends as Facebook sees this as a genuine connection.

[Mega Messenger] What is the "post friender" tool?

The post friender tool helps you add friends from specific posts where they've shown interest, ensuring they are highly targeted to your offer.

[Mega Messenger] How does the automation for sending message templates work?

Once people are tagged, for example as "VIP members", you can automate the sending of message templates to them. You can select the interval, set a message limit, and decide whether to change their tag after sending.

[Mega Messenger] How can one identify where a contact came from?

Contacts can be tagged in the back office. For instance, if someone is tagged as a "VIP member," this gives context on how to tailor the conversation based on where they came from.

[Mega Messenger] How long should you wait before performing another action in Mega Messenger?

It's recommended to set intervals, like 20 to 25 seconds, between actions to avoid appearing spammy.

[Mega Messenger] What does the "Number of Requests" option do in Mega Messenger?

It specifies the number of people to add from the chosen group. It's recommended to start with a lower number, like 20 or 30, to avoid getting blocked by Facebook.

[Mega Messenger] What is 'Send Interval' in Mega Messenger?

The "Send Interval" is the time gap between adding friends and sending them messages. A longer interval is preferred as it makes the activity seem more manual and reduces the risk of Facebook flagging your activity as automated or spam.

[Mega Messenger] How does Mega Messenger add friends?

The software automatically searches for people in the specified group and based on the criteria set. It sends them a friend request and a message based on the message segments and templates previously set up.

[Mega Messenger] What precautions should you take when running Mega Messenger?

You should only have one Facebook tab open and not run any other activity related to Facebook. This includes not using Facebook on mobile while the software is running. It ensures that Facebook sees the activity as manual and doesn’t block you for suspicious rapid activity.

[Mega Messenger] How do message templates and segments work together?

A message template looks at the segment, and it sends different segments to each person, ensuring variation in the messages. This helps in not sending the same message to everyone, making communication seem more personalized.

[Mega Messenger] What is a message segment in Mega Messenger?

A message segment is a part of a template. You can set up different segments, like VIP1, VIP2, etc., and these segments contain variations of messages to keep the communication diverse and less robotic.

[Mega Messenger] How should you organize the people you target?

You should use tags to segment and organize these individuals. For instance, if you're targeting a new group, use the group name as a tag.

[Mega Messenger] How can I view contacts based on tags?

In the back office, you can filter your contacts based on tags. This allows you to quickly view who is under a specific tag and helps in efficient management.

[Mega Messenger] How do I manage links?

The "Links" function allows you to store or create custom URLs. You can add new links, assign tags to them, and keep them organized for easy access.

[Mega Messenger] How do I add events or reminders to my calendar?

Using the "Add Calendar" function, you can create an event or reminder. On the first use, you might need to sync your calendars. Once done, the event is added to your calendar with a direct URL to the contact's profile.

[Mega Messenger] How can I automate messages to multiple contacts?

In the back office, select the contacts you want to message, go to automation, choose a message template, set an interval to avoid rapid messaging, and set the message limit. You can also assign a new tag automatically after sending.

[Mega Messenger] How do canned messages work?

Using the "Mrs. Templates" function, you can create new message templates. To use them in Messenger, you need to tick "Show in canned responses." Once done, they will appear as an option for canned responses in Messenger.

[Mega Messenger] What are the functionalities in the lower section of the profile view?

There are three main functionalities: "Mrs. Templates" for creating canned message templates, "Add Calendar" for setting reminders or events, and "Links" for storing or creating custom URLs.

[Mega Messenger] How can I add notes and reminders?

In Facebook Messenger, for instance using the contact "Mamata" as an example, there's an option to click "new" where you can add notes or reminders. This helps in saving information to revisit later.

[Mega Messenger] Where else can I manage tags besides the extension?

You can manage and add new tags in the "back office." After adding a new tag in the back office, it's essential to refresh so that all the contacts will show the new tag.

[Mega Messenger] What is a "priority tag"?

A priority tag, when selected, will ensure that the tagged contact appears at the top of your list. This can be used for new users or priority customers that you want to attend to first.

[Mega Messenger] What does the "default" tag mean?

The "default" tag can be assigned to any new friend or contact that hasn't been given a specific tag. For instance, you can name this default tag as "new user" and color-code it red.

[Mega Messenger] How can I color-code my contacts?

Inside the extension, there are "tags" that allow you to name and color-code your contacts. For example, you can create a tag named "test" and assign it a specific color.

[Mega Messenger] Where can I get support for Mega Messenger?

You can get support from within Mega Messenger. They can also access the Facebook group associated with the software.

[Mega Messenger] What is the purpose of the back office in Mega Messenger?

The back office provides a deeper interface for managing and using Mega Messenger's features. Though it may initially appear confusing, future videos will provide guidance on its use.

[Mega Messenger] How does Mega Messenger integrate with Facebook?

When you go to Facebook/messages or, Mega Messenger will load an overlay, setting up the extension for use. You'll see messages like "Loading", "Back office", and "Rendering contacts".

[Mega Messenger] What happens after you log into Mega Messenger?

After logging in and giving it a few moments to load, you will be able to access and use Mega Messenger.

[Mega Messenger] How do you log into Mega Messenger?

Click on the Mega Messenger extension to bring up the login page. Use the credentials sent to your email to log in. If you've forgotten or don't have the password, you can click "forgot password" to reset it.

What other resources are available in the OLSP area?

The OLSP area provides training for Facebook, starting from basic training known as Facebook Fair Beginners to advanced Facebook organic traffic strategies. Furthermore, there are live sessions where knowledge and value are shared with users.

[Mega Messenger] Can Mega Messenger help with affiliate marketing?

Absolutely. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced affiliate marketer, Mega Messenger can help you target potential customers and convert leads into sales or affiliate commissions.

What makes OLSP unique?

OLSP is presented as unique because it offers in-depth training and solutions, aiming to genuinely solve people's problems rather than just promoting a single product. It's highlighted that other platforms can't replicate what OLSP does at such a detailed level.

What is the recommendation when deciding between promoting the mega link or the list building training?

If someone has experience with Solo ads, they can be directed to the Solo ads training. If they are new or unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, the mega link is a better choice.

How do I connect my Facebook and Instagram accounts to Mega Builder?

In Mega Builder, go to settings on the bottom left. From there, navigate to integrations. Here, you'll find options to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Simply click on the relevant option and follow the prompts.

Can Mega Builder handle messages from multiple platforms?

Yes, Mega Builder consolidates messages from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and email. This feature allows for streamlined communication without needing to log into multiple accounts.

[Mega Messenger] How does Mega Messenger help?

Mega Messenger aids in keeping your Facebook profile organized, ensuring smooth communication with leads and maximizing the platform's organic reach.

What is the "toffee method"?

The toffee method is a training mentioned in the content, which likely covers strategies for effective follow-ups and building a connection with potential customers.

Apart from emails, are there other methods for follow-up?

Yes, direct messaging (DMs) on platforms like Facebook Messenger and Instagram can also be effective. DMs allow for a more personal and immediate connection with potential customers.

Can I personalize the squeeze page for better results?

Yes, personalizing the squeeze page to match the traffic source or making it more relatable to the target audience can increase conversions.

How often should I send follow-up emails?

It's beneficial to email every day, and even twice a day if possible. For new leads, a sequence of emails over seven days is commonly recommended.

How do I collect email addresses for follow-ups?

By using tools like mega builder, you can create squeeze pages that capture email addresses. These email addresses will be stored in your contacts tab, allowing for follow-up campaigns.

What is the significance of follow-ups in marketing?

Follow-ups are crucial because most sales do not happen on the initial contact. They build knowing, like, and trust with potential customers, fostering a relationship that increases the likelihood of conversion.

Are there any training materials provided in OLSP?

Yes, the OLSP system offers extensive training, including live training, webinars, and other resources, to help affiliates leverage the platform effectively.

How can I maximize my commissions with the OLSP system?

To maximize commissions, promote the mega link to reach a wide audience, encourage them to explore the webinars, products, and live sessions, and always stay updated with new product launches. By assisting and providing solutions to others, you can also earn more from second-tier commissions.

What happens when a new product is launched?

Whenever a new product is launched, a live session is conducted. Affiliates can promote this live session. When their referrals make purchases during or after the session, they earn commissions.

Can I promote individual products?

Yes, each product has its sales pages and funnels. With a simple click, you can promote individual products, and all necessary materials (emails, squeeze pages, automations) will be made available.

What is the purpose of the "discover more" tab?

The "discover more" tab lets users see various products they haven't purchased yet. If someone buys a product through this tab, the referring affiliate earns a commission.

How do the two webinars contribute to earnings?

The two webinars are designed to make sales. If someone you referred watches these webinars and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

How does the commission structure work?

The commission structure varies based on the product being promoted. For the direct sale of a product, you earn a primary commission. If someone under you (your referral) makes a sale, you earn a second-tier commission, thanks to the two-tier system in team builder.

Is the Mega Builder platform beginner-friendly?

Absolutely. The Mega Builder is designed with both beginners and seasoned users in mind. With its intuitive design, help sections, live chat, and product tours, it's user-friendly and supportive.

If I promote a product and then OLSP promotes another product to the same customer, do I still get a commission?

Yes. With the mega ID, OLSP can trace back every customer to the affiliate who brought them in. Therefore, you get commissions on anything that customer purchases.

What's the importance of the mega ID?

The mega ID is a unique identifier that ties everything together in the OLSP system. It allows for seamless integration, making it easier for affiliates to promote products, receive commissions, and more.

How does the OLSP system help with list building?

OLSP offers comprehensive support with list building by doing emails for you, along with providing numerous products to appeal to a variety of audiences.

How do I seek help if I get stuck with the Mega Builder?

The Mega Builder platform has a dedicated help section, live chat, product tours, and more to assist users. Simply click on the help section or use the live chat button for real-time support.

How much is the Megalink, and what is the commission for it?

The Megalink sells for $7, and affiliates receive a 100% commission for each front-end sale.

Are there other products available for promotion?

Yes, in addition to promoting the Mega link, there's a list-building product that you can also promote. Training on how to effectively promote this product will be provided.

What is the OLSP system?

The OLSP system is a technology platform designed to automate various tasks involved in online marketing. With the help of the Mega Builder, users can easily set up squeeze pages, autoresponders, and email campaigns without needing to have technical know-how.

I’m not very technical. Can I still use the OLSP system?

Absolutely! The OLSP system is designed to be user-friendly. Just follow along with the training videos and step-by-step guides. Even if you're not tech-savvy, the system walks you through the process.