Getting Started with OLSP

What does the MegaLink do?

The MegaLink is a promotional link that users share. When someone clicks on it and purchases a product, the user who shared the link receives a commission. It brings people into the system and ties the lead to the user forever.

What's the secret to becoming a mega affiliate?

The secret to becoming a mega affiliate is building your own email list. This allows you to become your own traffic source and nurture your audience. While the program does send emails and marketing on your behalf, having your own email list strengthens your know, like, and trust relationship with your audience.

Who is Wayne Crowe?

Wayne Crowe is the founder and CEO of OLSP. Drawing from his vast experience in affiliate marketing, he designed OLSP to stand against scams and deceit, which are common in the online marketing industry. Wayne believes in genuine support and the principle of helping each other succeed. Testimonials describe Wayne Crowe as a genuine individual who truly cares about the members of his community. Unlike many online gurus, Wayne not only provides mentorship but also builds a personal relationship w...

What is the Mega Link?

The Megalink is introduced by Wayne as the best opportunity online, especially in the OLSP system. It serves as a primary feature or tool for individuals looking to make an income online. Further details about how the Megalink works are to be explored in subsequent training provided by Wayne.

How do I find my mega link?

Once inside the OLSP system, look at the top where it says "your OLSP system mega idea". Your promotional or mega link will be displayed there. This link is unique to you and will track all traffic and commissions to your account.

How do I copy my mega link?

Inside the OLSP system, locate your mega link, and there should be an option to "copy" it. Once copied, you can share it wherever you'd like.

How do I promote my mega link?

Share your mega link as much as you can, on different platforms, and with people you think it will help. The goal is to ethically earn commissions through the training provided.

Why is the mega link important?

The mega link is your gateway to earning commissions. It's a unique link that tracks all your referrals and purchases. Guarding and promoting it effectively ensures that you get credited for all the leads and sales you generate.

What is OLSP?

The OLSP system is an online platform that offers tools, training, and mentorship for individuals looking to make money online. It is Wayne's platform aimed at simplifying the affiliate marketing process. It supports users through every stage of their journey, from beginners to full-time affiliate marketers. With a foundation of mutual aid, OLSP emphasizes skill acquisition and ethical practices over just monetary rewards.

What do I have to do with the OLSP system?

Your primary task is to share the provided mega link. Everything else, from support to email marketing, is taken care of by the OLSP team. They handle all operations behind the link once it's shared.

How does the megalink ecosystem support users?

The megalink ecosystem provides a range of services, including building squeeze pages, promoting affiliate offers, hosting live trainings, conducting webinars, writing and sending emails, providing customer support, creating training materials, and developing websites. Essentially, it simplifies the process of online business for users, allowing them to leverage a proven system.

How can one start working directly with Wayne and his team?

Individuals interested in working directly with Wayne can click the "get help" link and fill out an application. Wayne and his team will review the application to determine if the individual qualifies for direct mentorship. However, spaces are limited as they prioritize quality and personalized attention.

What is the fundamental rule of OLSP?

The one golden rule of OLSP is to help each other succeed. Wayne believes that the best marketing strategy is mutual assistance, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved. The system emphasizes learning and honing skills rather than focusing purely on financial gains.

What is the primary objective of the OLSP system?

The primary goal of OLSP is to make the affiliate marketing journey as seamless as possible. Wayne and his team provide support at every stage, ensuring that users acquire the necessary skills, understand ethical practices, and ultimately succeed in their marketing endeavors.

Why is the OLSP system different from other affiliate marketing platforms?

The OLSP system deviates from the money-centric approach seen in many other platforms. Instead, it stresses the importance of acquiring skills and genuinely helping others. This ethical approach is intended to cultivate trust and mutual respect in the community.

What is expected of members of the OLSP system?

Members are encouraged to promote the platform ethically and genuinely help others. OLSP values authenticity, so users are advised against deceitful practices. The community thrives when members invest time and effort into aiding others and acquiring necessary skills.

What is the community characteristic of OLSP?

The OLSP community is built on genuine assistance, ethical practices, and truthfulness. It is not about automation, deceit, or false claims. Wayne envisions a community that goes the extra mile to aid others in achieving their goals, believing that in doing so, everyone succeeds.

What is the primary advantage of mentorship in OLSP?

The primary advantage of mentorship is that it accelerates success by leveraging the value of time. Wayne offers tailored coaching which includes weekly tasks, goal-setting, coaching calls, and guidance. He provides tools, automations, and strategies to his students. He also ensures that he holds his students accountable, ensuring that they stay on track to achieve their goals.

What can one expect from Wayne about the Megalink and OLSP system?

Wayne promises to delve deeper into the system, showcasing how the Megalink works and further illustrating why the OLSP system is a unique and promising opportunity for those looking to make money online.

How does Wayne support those who join the OLSP system?

Wayne offers two main routes in the OLSP system. For those without funds, Wayne advises them to invest time in live trainings and training materials. For those willing and able to invest financially, they can get direct help from Wayne and his team, which accelerates their results with a structured blueprint and 1-on-1 coaching.

What do other students say about the benefits of Wayne's coaching?

Other students emphasize the significant financial gains they experienced and express regret over not joining the program sooner.