Payments and Commissions

Is the second-tier system applicable to all products?

Almost all products offer a second-level commission, with a few exceptions. It allows affiliates to build a network and earn from their network's sales.

Are there commission rates for products other than Megalink?

Yes, there are various products with their own commission rates. For instance, the Megamessenger offers a 40% commission, Megabuilders has a 50% commission for a lifetime, and 40% for monthly, among others.

What are the two ways to earn commissions?

The two ways to earn commissions are by: - Investing time to learn and take action. - Investing money in one-on-one coaching and services for faster results.

How does the two-tier commission system work for Team Builders?

For every sale made by a person you referred (e.g., Bob), you earn a commission (e.g., $14 for a $7 product). This is on top of the commission Bob earns from his own sale.

What is a second-tier commission?

A second-tier commission is a commission earned when someone you referred makes a sale. For instance, if the one you referred sells a Mega Link, you earn a commission because he/she referred someone.

Where can I find information about the commissions I can earn?

there's a link in the training video that details the commissions you can earn. You'll start with our chair for the commission package, and more details can be found in the provided link.

What is the average commission rate for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate commission rates can vary based on the product category. On average, affiliates might earn between 1-10%, with some categories being on the lower end, around 1-3%.