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[Advanced Shorts Training] Where can YouTube shorts be displayed?

YouTube shorts can be displayed on your channel page and also appear in the scrolling feed of YouTube, where they are being shown more frequently now.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How do I upload a short video on YouTube?

To upload a short video on YouTube: - Click the "plus" sign. - Click on "video" and find the desired video. - Use relevant hashtags like "#shorts" in the description. - Add any other necessary information in the description. - Ensure the video is set to "public". - Click "upload".

[Advanced Shorts Training] What requirement is there to add a link in my TikTok profile?

To add a link in your TikTok profile, you need at least a thousand followers.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How do I upload a video to TikTok?

To upload a video to TikTok: - Click on the "upload" button. - Find and select the video. - Paste in the relevant hashtags. - Add a caption, for instance, "DM me for more info". - Click "post" to upload.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How do I upload a reel to a Facebook page?

To upload a reel to a Facebook page: - Click "create reel" on the page. - Find and select the video you want to upload. - Insert relevant hashtags and other information. - Click "share" to post the reel to the page's feed.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What should one be cautious about when entering contact information on their Facebook page?

When entering contact information, it's recommended to put in your website address and email but refrain from adding your phone number.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How do you start creating a Facebook page?

To start creating a Facebook page: - Click your profile picture on the bottom left. - Scroll down and click on the "pages" option, represented by an orange flag. - Click on "create" if you haven't made a page already. - Click "get started" and follow the steps, filling in all the necessary details.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How long does the entire posting process take daily?

The entire process, including creating and posting short videos across multiple platforms, takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour per day.

[Advanced Shorts Training] Can I use YouTube Shorts?

Yes, YouTube Shorts can be incorporated into the strategy. Once you've created a video, you can upload it as a YouTube Short. This platform allows for audience interaction through comments and can direct viewers to your Facebook messages or other groups.

[Advanced Shorts Training] Significance of Direct Messaging

Direct messages (DMs) are crucial because they help in conversion multiple times better compared to other methods. They play a significant role in the overall strategy, especially when interacting with potential clients or audiences.

[Advanced Shorts Training] Posting shorts on Facebook profile

It's recommended not to post shorts on your personal Facebook profile since it caters to a different audience. However, results-driven reels or those showcasing success can be posted to your profile. The best strategy for Facebook is to create a separate page for posting these videos.

[Advanced Shorts Training] Tiktok as the second platform to consider after Instagram

After Instagram, TikTok is the next platform to consider because it's easy to simply upload a video that's already been created. While the messaging system on TikTok isn't as robust as Instagram's, the platform has potential for content to go viral.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How often should one post on Instagram?

One should aim to post on Instagram three times per day. It's advisable to spread these posts out throughout the day rather than posting consecutively.

[Advanced Shorts Training] Prioritize posting on Instagram

Instagram should be prioritized because it offers the best way of doing direct messages (DMs). The more followers you have on Instagram, the more your content reaches your audience, building trust. The platform also helps in maintaining authority, making it easier for users to establish trust with their audience.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What is the importance of a call to action?

A call to action is crucial as it prompts the viewer to take a specific action after watching the video, like asking for a DM, seeking information, or checking out an affiliate link.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What advice is given regarding music in videos?

If a video that has gone viral has music in the background, it's recommended to use the same music for better chances of virality, especially on platforms like TikTok. However, adding music isn't always necessary and can be decided based on personal preference and available time.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How do you share the edited video on Instagram?

- Click "export" in CapCut. - Open Instagram. - Click the "+" icon. - Choose "reel." - Select the video you just edited. - Follow on-screen prompts for sharing, such as adding a caption, and hashtags, and choosing where to share.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How do you add captions to a video in CapCut?

To add captions: - Click on the text option. - Slide to where it says "auto captions." - The software will source captions from the video's audio. - Adjustments can be made, such as changing fonts, sizes, styles, colors, effects, and animations. You can even have the software identify and remove invalid clips, like long pauses.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What is CapCut?

CapCut is a mobile video editing software. The presenter mentioned that there's a paid version which costs about 10 pounds a month and offers advanced options.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How can you shoot content on mobile?

To shoot content on mobile: - Open up the CapCut software or a similar app. - Choose the video you want to mirror. - Go to the camera function. - Adjust the duration and settings as desired. - Record segments based on the content you're mirroring. - Follow the on-screen prompts and options for editing.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How should one approach making videos?

Use your phone, say a few words, take a few screenshots, and post. It's important to create original content, even if mirroring another video's idea.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What's the strategy to find viral content?

Look for things that have gone viral before, look for posts with high views compared to average, and explore various hashtags.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What kind of content should one avoid posting?

Content that is very bizarre or not relevant to the niche they want to focus on.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What is a quick way to come up with ideas on Instagram?

Save URLs of viral content or use the search bar to type in a keyword relevant to your niche.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What should one do on the desktop version of Instagram to find viral content?

Go to the search function, type in a relevant keyword, and look for content that has already gone viral.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How can someone pin a post on their Instagram profile?

After posting the content, click on the post options and select "pin." This will keep the post at the top of the profile.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What is the desired outcome from the pinned posts?

The goal is to get DMs. The posts should be engaging and contain a call to action, prompting viewers to send a message.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What are the recommended posts to have at the top of the profile?

These are pinned posts, which can be created using Canva. A template is provided in the video description to assist users.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What are some tips for creating an effective bio?

Use emojis from sites like Emoji Pedia, ensure the text fits properly, and use visual cues like arrows pointing toward a link.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How can one edit their Instagram profile?

To edit the profile, click on "edit profile." There, users can change the texts and add links. Make sure the edits are final, as changes can only be made once every 14 days.

[Advanced Shorts Training] What should the bio line say?

The bio line should give information about the user, such as their achievements, and entice people to follow the account. It should also contain a link, preferably to a page that converts cold traffic effectively.

[Advanced Shorts Training] How can someone encourage DMs on their profile?

By using calls to action like "DM to learn affiliate marketing" or "DM to get my secret source."

[Advanced Shorts Training] What should be displayed at the top of an Instagram profile?

The top of the profile should provide a little bit about the user. For example, if someone is an affiliate marketer, they can mention that and include any notable achievements.

What are the "huddles"?

Huddles are live training sessions that focus on specific subjects. These could range from Facebook tactics to short videos, enabling users to deepen their understanding of particular topics.

What is Facebook 101?

Facebook 101 is a training module focusing on utilizing Facebook as a traffic source. It introduces users to techniques for gaining leads through the platform.

What is the purpose of the live trainings?

The live trainings are designed to provide valuable content and knowledge. They also present an offer at the end, which, when purchased by attendees, can generate commissions for the affiliates.

What is the significance of the Mega Link training?

The Mega Link training is crucial for all members as it explains the core of the Mega Builder platform. It helps users understand their Mega ID and how it connects them to the platform, essentially serving as a mission control center for their affiliate marketing efforts.

What is the Toffee Method?

The Toffee Method is a unique training module developed over 10 years, teaching users why traffic works and why it doesn't. It's exclusive to the Mega Builders and Team Builders program.

How do I access the provided training and resources?

Once you join the program and have your Mega Link, you'll have access to all the resources, training, software, and tools included in the package. Everything is set up and waiting for you to start.

How often are live trainings held?

Live trainings are held every week. They're crucial for learning new skills and strategies to increase commission-making potential.

What should I do after completing the Facebook training and fast start challenge?

After completing the Facebook training and fast start challenge, you should introduce yourself in our Facebook group. It's also encouraged to share your results inside the group regularly