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Why can't I purchase products on behalf of my downline anymore?

We're glad you're helping your team grow! But buying products for them can cause problems. We're changing the rules to keep everything accurate. Buying for your downlines can mess up the info, commissions we track, and the system. To keep things right, talk openly with your downlines. Tell them about product changes, and let them buy for themselves. When you stop buying for your team, it helps keep everything fair. Everyone gets what they earn, and it's fair for all. Instead of buying, help ...

What is Team Builders?

It is the premier training and commission lead system offering top access to trainers, software, and various resources aimed at affiliate marketing and internet marketing training.

What is CD Pro?

CD Pro is a platform with two main functions: it helps users earn extra commissions and assists with making social media posts go viral.

[VIP] What is VIP?

VIP refers to a select group of individuals who have joined an elite program aimed at helping them succeed in action taking, which likely involves entrepreneurial training, guidance, and resources.

[Mega Messenger] What should you do if you can't find the Mega Messenger extension after installation?

Go to manage extensions in Chrome. If Mega Messenger isn't turned on, you can turn it on or off as you choose.

[Mega Messenger] How to install Mega Messenger on Google Chrome?

Click on the link that leads to the Mega Messenger extension on the Google Chrome store and click "add to Chrome." After it's added, you can pin it to the Chrome toolbar and manage the extension's status through the extensions menu.

[Mega Messenger] How to find the Mega Messenger extension?

You can Google "Mega Messenger Google Chrome" and click on the top link that appears or you may directly go on the link below:

[Mega Messenger] How do I get started with Mega Messenger?

Wayne Crowe will be providing a step-by-step guide in the subsequent training video. It's recommended to take notes and prepare for the session.

Can Mega Builder handle messages from multiple platforms?

Yes, Mega Builder consolidates messages from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and email. This feature allows for streamlined communication without needing to log into multiple accounts.

How does Mega Messenger help?

Mega Messenger aids in keeping your Facebook profile organized, ensuring smooth communication with leads and maximizing the platform's organic reach.

What is Comment Dominator Pro?

Comment Dominator Pro is a tool designed to boost engagement, helping posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram go viral. It's also an avenue for earning commissions.

[Mega Messenger] Can you explain Mega Messenger?

Mega Messenger is a Facebook automation tool that aids in streamlining and optimizing your Facebook marketing efforts. It's recommended to go through Facebook 101 training before diving into Mega Messenger.

What is the advantage of joining Team Builders?

By joining Team Builders, you can increase your commission rates. Additionally, you'll gain access to a second-level commission system, which means you earn from the sales made by those you've referred (like earning from Bob's sale to Steve in the provided example).

How much is the Megalink, and what is the commission for it?

The Megalink sells for $7, and affiliates receive a 100% commission for each front-end sale.

Are there any other costs associated with the OLSP system?

The primary cost is associated with sending emails. However, as you progress and utilize more advanced features or training, there may be additional costs. Always ensure you review any terms or pricing details before proceeding.

I've completed the fast start. What’s next?

After the fast start, it's time to dive deeper into the training modules provided by OLSP. These modules cover advanced techniques and strategies to further enhance your online marketing efforts.

Do I need to pay to send emails through the Mega Builder?

Yes, while the cost per email is minimal, you will need to add a payment method to send emails. It's charged per email sent and is generally cheaper than most autoresponders in the market.

What is the purpose of the email autoresponder in the Mega Builder?

The inbuilt email autoresponder allows you to automate your email campaigns. The system has pre-written emails, which are sent out automatically to your contacts, helping you earn commissions without manual intervention.

How does Mega Builders differ from other affiliate marketing platforms?

Mega Builders focuses on genuine skill-building, provides a unique MegaLink system for its users, and emphasizes treating affiliate marketing as a serious business rather than a quick money-making scheme.

What happens when I share my MegaLink?

When you share your MegaLink, potential customers enter the Mega Builder system. As they navigate and make purchases, you earn commissions due to your unique Mega ID associated with the link.

Are there other programs besides Mega Builders?

Yes, the training mentions programs like Team Builders. It's recommended to first go through the Mega Builder training before exploring other programs.

How technical do I need to be to use Mega Builders?

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, and the fast start setup requires just a few clicks. However, as with any platform, some familiarity with the basics of online systems can be helpful.

What is the purpose of a squeeze page in Mega Builders?

A squeeze page is designed to capture potential leads by obtaining their email addresses. This helps in building an email list, which is fundamental for affiliate marketing.

How can I find my Mega ID?

The Mega ID can be located on the top left of the OLSP system, next to the user's promotional link.

What is a Mega ID?

The Mega ID is a unique identifier linked to a user's account. It ensures that whatever you promote, any commissions or leads generated will be attributed to you.

What should one do after joining Mega Builders?

After joining, it's recommended to go through the Mega Link training available on the dashboard. Understanding this is key to utilizing the platform effectively.

What is Mega Builder?

Mega Builder is an affiliate marketing platform that provides training and resources for affiliate marketers. The platform aims to simplify the setup process for newcomers and seasoned marketers alike, offering guidance on email setups, squeeze pages, funnels, and more.

What are the "done with you" services?

"Done with you" services likely refer to Wayne and his team working alongside the client to achieve results, rather than doing everything on behalf of the client.

Is there a magic solution for affiliate success?

No, Wayne clearly states that there's no magic button to success. It requires either time investment or financial investment in coaching and services.

What happens if someone isn't approved for the coaching program?

If not approved, they still have access to the Mega Builders training, which can help them become successful affiliates.

How can someone join Wayne's coaching program?

Interested individuals should go to the provided link and fill out an application. If approved, they will schedule a Zoom call with Wayne or one of his trusted team members.

How can the Mega Builder help reduce my workload?

It reduces your workload by automating tasks. Instead of spending 10-12 hours a day, you can manage your tasks in 30 minutes or less per day using the Mega Builder.

How much did the software systems of Mega Builders cost to develop?

The systems cost over $250,000 to develop, with the actual figure suggested to be even higher.

What type of training will I receive with the program?

Subscribers receive advanced Facebook and Instagram training, live huddles with OLSP system gurus, exclusive access to certain site areas, and weekly live training sessions.

What happens if I don't join the Mega Builders or Team Builders program?

You'll miss out on the training, tools, and potential commissions offered by the program. It suggests the potential for lost opportunities in affiliate marketing.

What's included in the limited-time promotion for Team Builders?

During the limited-time promotion, Team Builders receive two-tier commissions of 100% on every Mega Link purchase.

Why is the Team Builders subscription named so?

It's called Team Builders because subscribers can build an army of referrals (teams) under them, earning commissions from their sales.

How much does it cost to join Team Builders?

Joining Team Builders costs $199 per month.

How much does it cost to join Mega Builders?

Joining Mega Builders costs $99 per month.

What are the differences between Mega Builders monthly and Team Builders monthly subscriptions?

The Mega Builders subscription is $99 per month and offers access to the Mega Builder tool suite. The Team Builders subscription is $199 per month and includes everything in Mega Builders plus two-tier commissions on every product, access to a traffic rotator, and access to TD pages which help create squeeze pages with a single click.

What unique features does Mega Builder offer?

Mega Builder offers a range of features including: - Plug and play page builder for websites, funnels, and landing pages. - CRM to track leads. - Autoresponder for email communication. - Squeeze page templates. - Survey and form builders. - Connectivity tools including voicemail drops, SMS, emails, Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger. - State-of-the-art AI assistance.

What is the Mega Builder tool suite?

The Mega Builder is like a mission control center for affiliate commissions. It offers preloaded content, pre-written emails, pre-made website pages that are all ready to deploy instantly.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Yes, the program is designed to help both new and experienced affiliates. With its pre-loaded tools, training, and resources, beginners can quickly rise to Mega Affiliate status without the typical hurdles faced in the affiliate marketing world.

What kind of content and tools are pre-made?

The system comes with pre-rooted emails, money-making pages, content designed for conversions, and more, all designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

What is the Mega Messenger software?

The Mega Messenger is a tool designed to optimize your Facebook marketing efforts. It acts as a personal assistant, automating friend requests, lead follow-ups, message responses, and much more. Essentially, it's like having a dedicated staff member working for you full time, extracting maximum value from Facebook traffic.

Is there a bonus product available for participants?

Yes, there's a bonus product called CD Pro available in the product section below. This product helps you earn small commissions daily.

[VIP] What does the OLSP team do for me?

The OLSP team: - Provides support and follows up with your leads. - Sends emails on your behalf. - Builds and manages squeeze pages for you. - Manages and grows the Facebook group on your behalf. - Conducts live training sessions. - Adds leads to the Facebook group. - Provides value to the leads. Essentially, they handle everything after you've shared the mega link.

What challenges come with creating your own products?

Creating products can involve challenges like handling customer support, creating training materials, designing a website, acquiring tech skills, and making substantial financial investments.

What are high ticket offers?

High ticket offers are premium-priced products or services, often costing thousands of dollars. By promoting or selling high ticket offers, businesses can earn significantly larger commissions from a single sale.

What is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a type of landing page designed specifically to capture email addresses from visitors. The primary goal is to "squeeze" the email out of the visitor in exchange for something of value, like a free eBook, course, or discount.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a tool or software that sends automated email responses or a series of emails to subscribers or individuals who have taken a certain action, like signing up for a newsletter.