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Dec 21 (5 months ago)
Susan Crow wrote
Please can we have access to a chart that shows the following

1 - What products are available at each level of buy in
1 - What products are available for promotion at each level of buy in

I personally have had issues with the products available to me, now resolved thanks to Rowena.
I do however feel there is a lot of confusion and miss-understanding around this matter.

This will bring clarity to us when first communicating with new buyers.

The information is probably there across various lives and guides but to have a reference document would be much easier and quicker to work with.

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Jan 12 (5 months ago)
Martin Platt wrote
I'd like to add to this, what level of comms a person gets at a particular level - if you're a team builder, from what I understand you only see the team builder comms level (I think there's something about comms splits in evergreen comms, so maybe that's a good place for this to be)

Also, there are products that appear in the product area (like Mega Challenge - is that free, and with what?)

Happy to help you with creating a slide for you, if you give me the information.