Verifying your email subdomain when setting up Megabuilder on Namecheap.

Dec 07 (6 months ago)
Michael Batey wrote
When setting up and verifying your subdomain in Megabuilder for your email, it doesn't do it automatically as in the video, if you are with Namecheap. You have to set up the DNS records yourself. You have to go to the Advanced DNS records and add them yourself by copying and pasting the records provided. One thing to note, that is important and not mentioned in the video, is that you don't put your domain name in any of the records. So, in my instance, I set the email subdomain as mx.michaelbateyonline, but don't need to add in any of the records provided. E.G., the TXT record provided to copy is '' and should just be ''. CNAME record provided was '' and should be ''. so just remove whatever your domain name is from the record that is provided in megabuilder. So, if you keep getting a "domain not verified" error when trying to set up the email subdomain on Namecheap, check your records and remove your domain name from the host value. I hope this helps. It took many hours on the Namecheap support chat to sort out the problem, I hope this saves you some time.
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